Six Reasons to Study Abroad in Taiwan

Other than being known for its natural economic wealth and its abundance of technological knowledge, Taiwan is widely-known among students as one of the best places to gain a higher education abroad. The Chinese Island is an educational and economic gem, and unlike some other Asian countries, they happily welcome students of all backgrounds, speaking all different languages. From food to friendliness, these are the top 6 reasons to go and stay with Taiwan

Study abroad in Taiwan


With 365,000 millionaires country-wide, it’s no surprise that Taiwan is one of the wealthiest countries in the Asian Pacific. Not only does this mean that the quality of accommodation is excellent, but it also means that most Taiwanese universities can afford to hire the highest quality professors and lecturers, giving you the best education possible. Despite this prosperity, Taiwan is a relatively affordable place to live, with lots of well-kept sites and attractions, meaning many students find themselves staying on the island after college.

Friendly to Expats

Despite the possible language barrier, the Taiwanese are extremely friendly towards travellers and expats of all kinds. In 2016, the country ranked as one of the top three most-friendly countries in the world. Their good nature is positive in terms of the accommodation side of studying, as sleeping in a shared room is much more comfortable when the people are so friendly! And not only do the locals greet foreigners with open arms, but the country is also one of the safest places to live in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning you can always sleep easy.

Study in English

One of the best things about studying in Taiwan is the fact that they offer so many programmes in English. You can choose between 9 different colleges, all of which provide the structured, well-taught, Taiwanese-style education but in the English Language. However, both as a student and a person living in the country, it is a great idea to try and pick up the native language. Lots of universities offer basic Chinese-language courses for beginners, and as an extra program so that you can learn it alongside your major.


Whilst Taiwan does offer some global dishes, it is the country’s speciality cuisine which is what makes eating-out so exceptional. Not only is the food presented delicious, with a plethora of flavours bursting in each mouthful, it is also very healthy, and as with most Asian countries, Taiwan always has just the right portion sizes. With everything from beef noodle soup to Bubble tea, you can find exactly what you’re craving on any Taiwanese street market.


Due to a recent push from the government, the universities in Taiwan are now looking to take on lots more international students. This gives you, as a student native to a country other than Taiwan, a massive advantage, because the government is handing out tons scholarships to English-speaking students, as a method to persuade them to join the country’s educatory system. They are also offering discounted Chinese lessons for any students who do not have any understanding of Taiwan’s native language. So if you are looking to study in Taiwan(du học đài loan), now is the best time to make a move!

Culturally Diverse

More than anything else, Taiwan is known for being extremely culturally diverse. The population takes discrimination very seriously, with people actively ready to march the streets and protest against the government at the slightest injustice. Due to this diversity, it makes it very easy for students from abroad to find their place in Taiwan’s society. As one of the most liberal countries in Asia, it is a great place to go if you believe in gender and ethnic equality, and you also want to see the colourful culture which the island has to offer.

Nevertheless, if you have to acknowledge full experience,you should learn Chinese( học tiếng trung ) and Taiwanese to get cordial with nearby

Overall, Taiwan is a stunning place to live, not just for educational purposes, but for equality, wealth and beautiful people too. The country offers students from abroad a captivating history, a welcoming society, a beautiful terrain and an opportunity for success in a new place. The benefits of studying here are too many to count, so if you are an international student looking for a new place to live, learn and work, then Taiwan should be one of the first places you consider!