Protecting Your Website from Negative SEO

Hate to break it to you,but some of your competitors might actually want to attack your business. Negative SEO is the practice of unethical tactics to sabotage a competitor’s ranking in search engines. It can be done in various of forms like hacking your website,building hundreds of spammy links to it,posting negative comments,editing your content and a lot more.

Lucky for you,there are ways to safeguard your site from these attacks. Here are some tips:


First step is to detect any signs of attack. If you have not altered anything in your website,but there is a sudden change in traffic,you may want to see if it’s an algorithm effect or other causes. A sharp drop in organic traffic usually signifies a Google penalty. So,it will be helpful to keep a close monitoring to your traffic using tools like Google Analytics.


Google has created a Disavow tool to fight off Negative SEO. By disavowing low-quality links,you can prevent your website to be associated with these backlinks to protect your rank and your reputation.

Administrator Login Security

Hackers would try to access your site as the administrator. To prevent this from happening,make sure to add additional levels of security,so these hackers can’t break into your site and mess with it.

SEO Settings Revision

Experts from an SEO company in Hong Kong suggest that you should regularly revise your SEO properties. It is best to be actively looking for attacks on your site than to expect that nobody will try to hack it.

Negative SEO are real threats that might hurt your business. It is better to be safe and sorry; be extra vigilant at all times.

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